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Best Beer Kit for Beginners

OK, you made the decision to try and brew beer for the first time. Problem is when you did your search, the number of options were staggering. Because we are going to focus on beginner kits we’re not going to cover all the options. In this post I will focus on the best beer kit for […]

What is the Real Cost to Brew Beer?

For this blog post I thought I would address this common question. “What does it really cost to brew beer?” Ok…let me start this by saying, like anything else, there are many levels to what the cost to brew beer can actually be. So let me qualify that statement. If you are just starting out, […]

How Long Does It Take To Brew Beer?

This is another common question from those that are trying to get into brewing. I usually get questions like “How long does it take to brew beer?” or “Is brewing my own beer going to take a long time?” Basically the same question. The real answer is…it depends. In another post I wrote about the […]