For this blog post I thought I would address this common question.

“What does it really cost to brew beer?”

Ok…let me start this by saying, like anything else, there are many levels to what the cost to brew beer can actually be.

So let me qualify that statement. If you are just starting out, this is probably a curiosity. You like beer but going out and buying a six pack gets more and more expensive everyday. That is the double edged sword of the craft industry taking off. Classic supply and demand. So if you are at this level you are curious on how you can start with the minimal investment to get to a good beer.

Fair enough and to be honest it’s a great place to start. If you are serious about starting and want to know what it will take to go the full Monty then the answer to that question is much more complicated and, as you would imagine, more expensive. We won’t cross that bridge just yet.Mr-Beer-Aztec-Mexican-Cerveza-Home-Breiwng-Beer-Refill-Kit-0

Lets get start with the totally new beginner. You are curious on trying the hobby without a lot of spend. You want to give it a go but don’t want to get deeply involved just in case you find you hate it. I doubt it, but it could happen. In that scenario starting with a simple extract brew is the best way to go. In that cast the cost to brew beer works out to the following:

  1. Simple 2 gallon extract kit = $12 – 17

  2. Bucket for fermentation = free to $5

  3. Air lock= free to $1

  4. Bottles= free to $15

Grand total = $12 to $37

Why the variation. That easy. Most of the stuff you don’t need to buy. You either have it laying around the house or you can get cheap if you do a little research.

For example, the bucket can be had for free if you have a local restaurant. They throw food grade buckets away every day. If you don’t mind stopping in and asking they would love to just get ride of them and not pay to fill a dumpster with them.bottles-1-liter-plastic-beer-bottles-cost to brew beer

Another example would be the bottles. You don’t have to use glass. Yeah, yeah there are brewing snobs going nuts over that statement but lets talk facts. one, we are only talking about 4 four liter bottles or 8 one liter bottles. You will drink this fast and the chances of the beer going bad are astronomically slim if you store them right. I myself use one liter plastic bottles that my favorite root beer comes in. badda boom! free bottles.

Last example is the air lock. These are really cheap at a $1 for a simple one or you can make one with a tube and a jar.cost to brew beer air lock

The only other piece of equipment you have to have is a pot to boil in (You don’t have to boil using this method but that is a topic for another post.) and I can almost guarantee you have that already in your kitchen.

So you see, the cost is very manageable and down right attractive. If you are resourceful you can use it will cost way less than that 12 pack you just bought. So the next time you are wonder about the real cost to brew beer you know the answer is…cheap!

Hope that helps and if you need more info, just drop me a line.


About The Author
Jimmy C. Jimmy has been involved in the brewing industry for almost two decades. His passion and dedication to the beverage “beer” is unquestionable and contagious when he speaks of it. His advanced knowledge of the both the biological processes to the hands on production of the brewing process has allowed him to consult and work with some of largest production plants in the world all the way down to local brew pubs. Jimmy has a degree in fermentation science and in business management.
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